show common words by HSK levels, it has 8 fields :

1. character : show the words it can be one to a few characters, each forms different meanings

2. HSK : the words' corresponding HSK level, these are commonly recommended by most teaching institute.

3. PinYin : the pinyin of those words (WITH SPACES BETWEEN PINYIN)

4.  Meaning: meaning of that words

5. CH-HSK ; to get HSK level of each CH

6. exception: exception or remark

7. class: class of word

8. frequency: appearance in 100 characters

as of Oct 1, 2010 14411 records

HSK: 6
PinYin: a1
Meaning: ah, to express amazement or admiration
exception: same as 啊 [a1]
class: e
frequency: 0.0038