this database includes 5 fields :

word_count : the number of words in a sentence

character_count : the number of Chinese character in that sentence, English, numeric or punctuation are ignored.

sentence : the sentence itself

pinyin : the pinyin with tone in number

meaning : the English meaning of that text

phrase_count : the number of phrase character in that sentence, All punctuation except " are counted.

GID : check the sentences with phrase count as 1 and verify its grammar ID from grammar table

18838 record as of Oct 6, 2020

18842 record as of Feb 8, 2021 and add 449 from grammar example

and add another 37 records on 20210209, total  19328

word_count: 3
character_count: 5
sentence: 他性格放纵。
pinyin: ta1 xing4ge2 fang4zong4
meaning: His character is indulgent.
phrase_count: 1